Stacks for Good Acts Contest Winner

Congratulations to the 2012 Stacks for Good Acts winner Tim W. from Dickinson, Texas. Below is Tim's winning entry, which has won Tim a one year supply of IHOP's buttermilk pancakes! Thanks to Tim for making a difference, and thanks to all who shared their stories of good deeds.

Winning Entry: Tim W., Dickinson, Texas

In 2011, my brother, Henry, was rushed to the hospital in Las Vegas, NV and placed into intensive care. Our mother Jessie, in Georgia, was told that Henry's condition was critical. Our mother is an unemployed widow, with no car, and surviving on a fixed/limited income and donations. I was determined to pay her travel expenses. While comparing airline fees during lunch, my co-worker, Mike, overheard me complain about the high ticket prices. I shared with him about my brother's emergency and how I was struggling to find an affordable plane ticket for my mother. Mike informed me that he had an extra round-trip bonus ticket. I asked Mike if he would sell the ticket to me. Mike said that since it was for my mother, he understands how she needed to be with her son during his illness. He said that there would be a small $10 fee to convert the ticket. And when asked Mike how much he expected me to pay him for the ticket, he replied, 'I'm giving the ticket to your mother for free.' The lowest rate for any airline that I found was no less than $600. Ultimately, Mike arranged for the ticket transfer, but the actual cost was only $5. Mike's Good Act was one of the greatest blessings our family has received. Later, I brought my mother to visit us in Texas. She was able to meet Mike and thank him in person. She and Mike ask about each other regularly.

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